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Meet Luisa Nagore, LPC

I am Luisa Nagore, LPC, a Licensed Professional Counselor in Arizona and a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist. I have been working with adults, women, LGBTIA+ on multiple levels regarding their mental health, emotional & cultural needs. In my practice, I use an integrated approach to meet you where you stand. Trauma focus and CBT are at the fore front of my skills, but I also integrate other approaches including existentialism, feminist and cultural diversity (not limited to race and ethnicity). My first language is Spanish as I was born in El Salvador, and I am also fluent in French after living in France several years ago. I’ve lived in Tucson, AZ for 15 years and completed my Bachelor of Art in Psychology at the University of Arizona, and earned my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of Phoenix, Southern Campus. I've been in private practice for 4 years. In the past I worked at community mental health agencies and facilitated IOP program in private setting. Building trust with professional strangers is a challenge biased by fear of stigma and the value of counseling services. I am a cis hetero wife and mother of two, I love learning about anything and everything, and believe trust is essential for any personal or working relationship.

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Meet Chad Mosher, Ph.D.

I am Chad Mosher, Ph.D. a licensed psychologist in Arizona. I currently work with members of the LGBTQIA+ community on a variety of social and emotional concerns, including: managing medical/health/disability issues; transgender care; managing relationships with others; and, managing the “isms” of our culture. I earned a graduate degree in Mental Health Counseling from Idaho State University in 2001, and a doctorate in Counseling Psychology in 2006. Prior to private practice, I worked at the University of Phoenix as department chair and counselor educator, at CODAC’s LGBTQIA+ health and wellness center as program director, and at Palo Verde’s Outpatient Services as clinical director. My focus in therapy is relational, mindfulness and somatic based, and collaborative. Before his career as a counselor, I was a professional musician and music educator. I enjoy music, ceramics, and learning new crafts!

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